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Our main base is in the center of Zhejiang Province in Ningbo City China, having over 150 experienced team for merchandising and sales who can cover all of China to make sure we have the Best and Latest products to offer our customers.

  • Aromatherapy humidifiers

    The aroma diffuser is the best choice for home decoration

    Aromatherapy humidifiers are ideal for improving air quality,which can change the dry air into moist air, also can prevent bacteria and other harmful substances. This modern-style humidifier is compact and stylish in design, with a built-in timer (set for up to 2 hours) and an automatic off function for convenience and safety. It also has adjustable spray output control for your choice. Aromatherapy diffusers can be used in any room of the home or office. Design concept: Aromatherapy is a s...

  • Magic Massager

    Take you to experience a new massage decompression experience

    Are you tired of spending money on spa treatments that don’t really work? Can’t seem to find a way to relax? After a long day, you deserve a relaxing massage. This massage roller can help relieve eye strain, leg strain and neck strain. It will improve blood and oxygen circulation to the face and head, making you look young and beautiful. Magic Massager allows you to enjoy magic anytime, anywhere! Experience relaxing and soothing massage therapy without leaving home. Professional ...

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    What’s the difference between a humidifier and an aromatherapy machine

    First, what is the difference between the humidifier and the aromatherapy machine 1, the difference in function: the humidifier is mainly to increase the moisture in the indoor air, and the aromatherapy machine is mainly to make the room more fragrant. 2, the difference in working principle: humidifier, is through 20 to 25mm atomization piece, spray moisture into the room, the amount of fog is relatively thick, the particle is larger. The ultrasonic shock used by the aromatherapy machine prod...

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Mascuge Products CO.,Ltd , Founded on 23th May, 2004, location in Ningbo with convenient transportation, long history and profound culture.

We are a professional manufacturer of ODM and OEM cosmetic mirrors, humidifiers and so on consumer electronics , with a factory area of 8000 square meters, more than 80 workers, 6 production lines, complete production equipment and testing equipment.